Project Overview

For more than a century, B.C.’s economy has been rooted in natural resources. Today, B.C. is Canada’s second-largest natural gas producing province, and recent discoveries of additional natural gas in the northeast portion of the province means we have even greater reserves than we thought previously. In fact, B.C. has significantly more natural gas than needed for its domestic consumption.

With the leadership presented by the government of B.C., the opportunity now exists to export some of Canada’s excess natural gas to Asian markets, and in the process, create a world-class export industry with a product recognized as both affordable and cleaner than other hydrocarbons, and safe to store and transport.

Shell, KOGAS, Mitsubishi and PetroChina are working together to design, build and operate the proposed LNG Canada project, located near Kitimat, B.C. in the traditional territory of the Haisla First Nation.

LNG Canada is uniquely positioned to realize the potential benefits for British Columbia because of the world-class technical expertise we bring to producing, storing, shipping and selling gas, along with the access to markets that comes from our group of participants.

We believe the LNG Canada project represents the best opportunity in a generation to bring the liquefied natural gas industry and its potential benefits to the people and communities of the North Coast of British Columbia – from the creation of thousands of jobs during construction and hundreds of permanent jobs during operations, to municipal and provincial tax revenue to help maintain and build hospitals and schools.

Our commitment is to work with the community and First Nations to ensure we consider local knowledge and concerns as we move through the planning process. We are building strong relationships with the community now, in anticipation that these relationships will last well into the future.

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