NEB export license – frequently asked questions

Who is the NEB and why is an application necessary?

The NEB is an independent federal agency in Canada established to regulate international and interprovincial aspects of the oil, gas and electric utility industries. This includes the export of natural gas and LNG fromCanada.

LNG Canada requires anNEBlicense to export LNG from its proposed LNG facility near Kitimat, B.C. TheNEBapplication is a necessary step in the regulatory process and marks another milestone in the LNG Canada project.

What is the timeline for review of the NEB export license application?

It is estimated that the review process could take up to one year. Information on the review process and how to be involved is available on the NEB website at

If the application is approved what are the next steps?

The NEB export licence is just one of the many approvals and permits that will be required for the project. LNG Canada will undergo an environmental assessment for the construction and operation of the proposed LNG facility, marine terminal and shipping. A review of the potential environmental and socio-economic impacts is anticipated to be conducted through a harmonized BC-Canada Environmental Assessment review.  We expect to submit a project description for the LNG Canada project in the fall of 2012. A number of permits will also be required for construction and operation.

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